F*** You Science.

Turbulence has a mind of its own.

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Discovering the Waterfront - Silverstein
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I The Mighty - The Dreamer
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Echoes - I The Mighty 
Hopefully it’s transparent, works with white backgrounds  
But i will soon forget the color of your eyes and you’ll forget mine
Permalink The day we met in person, finally. I had the time of my life and to be honest 30 minutes or less sitting beside you/talking, seemed like forever to me. I didn’t want it to end. For the first time in my life I felt this genuine feeling that kinda made me vulnerable; wanting to change for the better. For the first time in years, I’ve never felt something so strong it lifted all the stress within. I felt so lighter when you’re around like nothing is going wrong like everything is right. I remember that first real conversation we had about life and roller-coasters and the flow, it’s so cool. I was so stoked. I just can’t help but remember every fragment of you or what’s left of it. Hey, I don’t want to forget.
Until now, I’m still stunned trying to learn and understand what just happened 2 weeks ago. Whenever I see you I try to hide as much feelings as I could but deep inside I smile like a little boy. I really like your eyes and your smile. It was those eyes that captured my attention even before you knew me. It always was the factor. Your smile is so pretty it automatically stamps itself to my memories. Keep smiling. Always smile. I remember this one instance I tried to tell myself, “I need to know her. I suck if I don’t do something”, so I did. I got your number and yeah I was very shy. It worked out pretty well right? I think. So yeah, hi there.
It’s bittersweet how it concluded this way. I feel bad ya know. Might as well put it bluntly here because things couldn’t get worse than it already is. I’m sure you have your reasons, you just never told me why. In general, yeah I guess it’s all good. That’s your decision and I respect that. Just know that I always felt happy with your presence. So comfortable talking to you and i didn’t even care if it was awkward at first. I still don’t care if you have that so confusing personality, I can live with that. You being outrageous, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll still think about you even if you avoid me. Even if you don’t like me or hate me, I still like you. 
I can write songs about you, sing along to tracks on my playlist at my worst state all day long or paint a portrait of you but none of that can replace the really good feels I felt when I got the chance to hang with you. Sad feels roll in whenever I see the Caf spot we spent our semi-awkward time together. What happened there was amazing and we know it won’t happen again. It all came by surprise and ended suddenly. I miss talking to you. I enjoy talking to you but I guess this is it. Your existence captured me. Indeed I was enchanted to meet you. I just wish I got to know you more.
- Heyo

So, I guess this is it then?   sadfasdgasdgasdgsdga
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Don’t forget about New Found Glory’s limited edition LP featuring 6 of The Ramones covers coming out this weekend for Record Store Day! Keep an eye out for more info this week!
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Beck’s new album is 20 songs in sheet music form and it’s up to you to record them.
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